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Lindokuhle has the ability to provide a full range of potable water supply and distribution services. Our projects are led by the best project managers in the business, who have the experience to manage the entire municipal water or wastewater operation and treatment; offering our clients state of the art service.

We provide an extensive range of industrial water products including demineralised water, industrial water, raw water, cooled water, seawater, cooling and fire water.

In order to provide exceptional value for money, we make use of best-practice waste water treatment technologies, ranging from filtration to biological treatment.

Lindokuhle has the experience and expertise needed to integrate these technologies into a seamless system; managing and customising the process for the specific needs of the different waste water profiles.

With the technical expertise and operational scale capacity; Lindokuhle can treat all types of wastewater directly from the source, without the need for any pre-treatment by the customer.

Lindokuhle also provides mechanical, electrical and instrumental maintenance services to wastewater and normal water care works. In addition, we also provide contract specifications and inspections of work performed by contractors and staff.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of our maintenance programme, we have included the availability of a rapid deployment team to address problems or emergencies; this is a cornerstone of sustainable water and sanitation provision. These maintenance services are supported by area-based workshop and stores facilities as well as fully equipped mobile maintenance teams.

Our Computerised Maintenance Information Management Systems (CMIMS) service makes use of the latest and most efficient software-driven tools, which are used to manage workflow, planning, scheduling and budget preparation and tracking (amongst other functions)

Our Company does complete project planning and guides project processes from start to finish. We deliver projects using the five critical project management stages – Initiation – Planning – Execution – Controlling and Close Out.

  • Reclamation and Re-Use (Industrial and Potable)
  • Sludge handling and treatment
  • Membrane separation (micro, ultra, nano and reverse osmosis)
  • Seawater desalination
  • Acid Mine Drainage
  • Water Purification (DAF and Zone)
  • Engineering Services
  • System Refurbishment, Upgrades, Renewals, Extensions and Greenfield Projects
  • Client Specific Customer Service


  • Pipelines – Bulk Water and Waste Water Mains, Reticulation Networks 

  • Structures – (Pump Stations and Reservoirs) – Concrete Works e.g. Chambers, Buildings, Reservoirs and Pump Stations 

  • Storm Water

  • Water Treatment Plants – Construction and upgrading of treatment intake and pre-filtration

  • Structures – Sedimentation Tanks and Clarifiers

  • Roads – Gravel Roads or Dead Roads, Black Top Surfaces, Paving Block Surfaces, Slurry Sealing, Chip and Spray


Because the success of each project is determined by the effective management of each project, we take responsibility for the execution of plant refurbishment and upgrading, by providing mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineering, as well as maintaining pump stations used for wastewater reticulation.


The Plant Hire Division specialises in civil work and the hiring out of trucks and earth working machinery. Over the years, the company has acquired a wide range of earth works plant machinery that it hires out; namely 4×4 Tractor Loader Backhoes, Tracked Excavators, Graders, Bulldozers, Bobcats, Tipper Trucks and Tipper Trailer Horse and Trailers Crane Truck.

In order to uphold the high levels of efficiency and service to our clients, we continually invest in our plant, equipment and fleet, ensuring that there are always on the cutting edge of technology.

Our plant is regularly inspected and certified, ensuring compliance with all safety and operating standards. The plant, equipment and fleet is utilised optimally and we have dedicated teams maintaining all aspects of logistics.


We also provide water systems to municipalities and have international experience in running efficient, high quality water and wastewater operations with first class customer service departments and billing systems, using the latest technology



We would love to hear from you, if you have any questions, do not
hesitate to contact us